Dance Naive - trailer

Photography - collection of some contemporary dance photographs.

The film:
Dance Naive is a story of interactions and connections, dreams and phobias. It follows individuals taken out of the context of society. Bounces on the net of social strings. It floats around desires, happiness and anxiety. It shows what’s in one’s mind and what’s real on the same level of perception not to mislead but to provoke to “read” the film and find different levels of meaning. What do you see…?

Inspired by the original dance performance “Naive recreative dance” in choreography by Iwona Olszowska and Natalia Iwaniec.
Iwona Olszowska and Natalia Iwaniec
Iwona Olszowska
Natalia Iwaniec
Marynia Fekecz (Hands and scene in the middle of the swimming pool)
Ewa Limanówka (Ending scene at the Baltic Sea beach)

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