The road is a pain at first, but soon after it becomes recognition of being, reflection and reconnection, beginning of change, the freedom.

One of the most incredible experiences Camino offers is meeting with people. Talking with fellow human beings from across the social spectrum. With people that have a countless reason to take this route. For some it's a religion, for the others attempt to find themselves or just purely a sport aspect.

Those images are not to assess or even attempt to interpret Camino, but the result of my inner desire to show the road that connects people in the way almost impossible to experience in everyday life. Trail on which an electrician talks to a doctor of medicine, a priest having a friendly chat with an atheist, a salesman from a local grocery from a little village with population of several dozen people, from somewhere in a deep forest in Poland, discussing life matters with an artist from the New York City.

These photographs of the Camino are inspired by those people, by their conversations, by visited places with its aesthetics and energy. Each person portrayed has been asked to write a few words to answer the question "What Camino is/means to you?".


Their personal testimonials can be read from the cards of my notepad where they have handwritten their thoughts.

This project excites me even more every time, because there are yet so many people to meet and so many stories to hear.

Ongoing 2015 - ...

Camino de Santiago - Spain
Camino del Norte
Camino Primitivo
Camino Francés

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