Hi there. Welcome.

Nice to be read in here, but ... It's a tough bit. It’s my personal space on the internet and despite the trends I feel like I want to write in first person.

I find difficult to describe my professional self as the stuff important for me may not be necessarily important input for you. Well, let’s try, shall we?
You are always welcome to drop me a line with a question though.

I've been working within the photography industry for over 15 years now. That's quite long when I am looking at this when it's written down… I consciously refused to study photography or art at the University. Instead, I went to University to study education, philosophy and rehabilitation to learn more about the societies and tensions that drive them. All those years I’ve been trying to explore my potential, with various outcomes on the way. But what a journey!

I came to realisation that there are several passions I kept constantly coming back to, which resulted in becoming a professional and experienced in few of them. Those include working as a photographer, videographer, high-end retoucher, Picture Editor in newspaper and weekly magazine, front-end developer but also as a photography tutor and photo exhibition curator (nothing really like a big flashy world size, fancy splendour kind of things but it came out very good).

For me, the photography is a tool of expression and I don’t really believe in divisions, objective divisions, into good or bad photography. I, or anyone, can obviously judge the disliked photographs as a shitty one (the S world used consciously to full extent of understanding its vulgar meaning) or excessively, almost hysterically, prise another one for its beauty and importance. But at the end of the day, it’s only down to our experiences and our visual and emotional spectrum of perception.

I’m not a very competitive person though. And in photography, my competitiveness' level of involvement is close to absolute zero. Award winning photographer - I am not. To win something, I would need to participate. OK, to be fair, I did send my photographs to the competitions. Three times within those 15 years (I had to dig in to my memories with this one). I‘ve even been short-listed once... :) I'm not saying that I never will but only if a project will require from me to take this path. We'll see.

Publications & clients…
I’ve been published many times, in online and printed editions over the years, in some well known titles like Vogue (UK), Revolution Magazine and also in a Polish magazines and newspapers, like Wyborcza, Tygodnik Powszechny or Polityka.

Exhibitions, I had. Many times. Several solo exhibitions, largely connected to my dance photography and portraits. I have also participated in a few group exhibitions over those years.

Me and my photography and videography is like a slow walk. No pressure. No rush. Just a pure joy of being together. But when I work, I'm 100% on it. I create, I sweat I enjoy it. When the problem occurs, I solve it. When approaching unknown, I learn. I deliver. And then, to relax, I read novels, documentaries, biographies, American Scientist or publication in technology, science and culture sections of various online and printed magazines. Also, I do read some silly things from time to time or watch a Simon’s Cat. I like to challenge myself with different approach to the same matter. When my eyes are dry, out of focus and colour blind I listen to music. Actually, I listen to music all the time. If I don't - I rock climb.

Have a great light
Yarek Baranik