Degas' Dancers

Dance rehearsal sometime, around 1999 in Kraków. My focus was on a dancers' poses and their movement all together with dimmed theatrical spot lighting to achieve some sort of painting influenced look. To get the desired effect, I firstly used high sensitivity negative followed by a longer exposure to blur the movement of the dancers to finally force the negative by 4 stops in developing process to insanely increase the grain.

Work in progress, awaiting transfer to very old and interesting photographic technique...

Angel Experiencing

Fascination with light, shadow and human ability to create imaginative poses of... an Angel for instance. Dancer, Iwona Olszowska is probably my most often photographed dancer from the polish contemporary dance scene. Recently we have created a short film, titled "Dance Naive" awaiting sound postproducion. Soon available here.

Ongoing Since 1999

A selection of contemporary dancers' Black&White photographs